Large photo report of Bagshot’s Village Day

A hardy lot are the folk in Bagshot, rain or threat of doesn’t discourage them when they they’re out to have fun. Every pub in Bagshot’s High Street had live music – mostly loud rock music. I’m not complaining, it added to the atmosphere. Youthful passions seem not to die – the rockers were all grey haired, as were the, presumably, ‘mods’ with their scooters.

I missed the Mayor’s visit to the Lightwater Fayre in the Square, and I also missed an apparently impressive fashion parade in Bagshot. I’m wont to spend too much time drinking tea and eating cake, as I did in Randalls in Lightwater, Brook Church, and Roost in Bagshot.

Kids, of course, seem never to mind the rain, or threat of it, and were all being happily entertained by the Village Day attractions. I had a splendid tea in Roost [memorably with a sand timer to ensure the tea was perfectly brewed]. I met a couple of the owners of Roost in the High Street. It’s great addition to Bagshot’s retail diversity. Funny that both Bagshot and Lightwater both have cafés that can called destination places. Places you’re proud to have in your village.

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