Discovering a Bee Orchid on Hangmoor is quite a thrill

I’m sure you know, from my articles, that I like to take constitutional walks in the local heathland. Most frequently from Folly Bog, up to Hangmoor Hill, and then up Red Road Hill. There’s a good wide track between Red Road and the boundary fence of the Bisley & Pirbright Ranges. There’s an interesting ranges of habitats. Boggy ground in Folly Bog, dry lowland heathland, and the rough ground at track edges.

Between Mid-May and the end of July wild orchids adorn my walks. I’ve written about over the years, and my difficulties in identifying the variety. My most recent article HERE.

I try to remain observant of the flora and fauna, which is getting more difficult as the bracken, willow, and birch strangle the wild flowers. My heart skipped a beat when I spotted a Bee Orchid [Ophrys apifera] at the track edge on Hangmoor Hill. There’s only the one plant that I could find. Even so, the Bee Orchid is an absolute beauty of a wild flower. It’s apparently reasonably common plant, although this is the first time I’ve seen one locally. Here are a couple of photos, click to expand.

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