Surrey Police Neighbourhood Watch crime bulletin for Surrey Heath: June 2016 – 2nd update

The Surrey Police Neighbourhood Watch team report on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath in their latest Neighbourhood Watch Burglary Bulletin,

Surrey Police

  • Crime Number 45160052496:  Between 19/06/16 and 20/06/16 and from 20.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs, at Tintagel Drive, Frimley. Paint stripper poured over car, causing damage to bonnet.
  •  Crime Number 45160052421: Between 19/06/16 and 20/06/16 and from 16.00 hrs to 09.00 hrs, at Bailey Close, Frimley. Pedal cycle stolen from shed overnight.
  • Crime Number 45160052242: Between 18/06/16 and 20/06/16 and from 14.00 hrs to 08.30 hrs, at The Hatches, Frimley Green. Van broken into.
  • Crime Number: 45160052224: Between 19/06/16 and 20/06/16 and from 20.00 hrs to 07.10 hrs, at Worsley Road, Frimley. Van broken into and tools stolen.
  • Crime Number 45160051817: On 18/06/16 at 16.30 hrs, at Mitcham Road, Camberley. Driveway ramp stolen from outside house.
  • Crime Number 45160051724: Between 17/06/16 and 18/06/16 and from 19.00 hrs to 08.00 hrs, at Bridgemead, Frimley. Entry to the house gained and items stolen.
  • Crime Number 45160048894: Between 16/06/16 and 17/06/16 and from 20.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs, at Brookleys, Chobham. Fencing to back garden damaged.
  • Crime Number 45160051355: – Between 16/06/16 and 17/06/16 and from 21.30 hrs to 08.00 hrs, at Windsor Way, Frimley. Items stolen overnight from garden shed.
  • Crime Number 45160051222: On 16/06/16 between 01.00 hrs and 07.00 hrs, at Verran Road, Camberley. Van parked on driveway broken into and several items stolen.
  • Crime Number 4516000888: On 15/06/16 between 11.30 hrs and 16.30 hrs, at Bain Avenue, Camberley. Attempted break in via rear window. Then forced entry through front door.
  • Crime Number 45160050482: On 06/06/16 between 12.15 hrs and 13.15 hrs, at Bagshot Road, Chobham. Suspects gained entry to property under renovation and cut wires to CCTV.
  • Crime Number 45160050292: On 14/06/16 between 08.15 hrs and 09.15 hrs, at Manor Way, Bagshot. Panel on front door of property smashed and items stolen.

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