Crowds enjoy the hospitality of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on its Heritage Day

The programme of this year’s RMAS Heritage Day begins with these words,

“We are delighted that we can once again open our doors to the public to enable you to enjoy the heritage of the Academy. We would particularly like to welcome local residents to whom we owe so very much.”

Local residents responded by coming in their many thousands. This year saw an increase, in my view anyway, in the number of places that children could have fun. Just what parents need, things to engage their offspring.

The Heritage Day kept it’s favourite events – lots of marching bands, pace sticking, and the commandant on his horse mounting the college steps.

Here’s my brief photo record of the day [click on photos to enlarge]. I’ll follow up with a video of the magnificent band of the Brigade of Gurkhas, and the pace sticking.

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