A milestone missed and a milestone bringing me transient fame

Two things to tell you about. Both regarding milestones. No, don’t switch off please, I’m correcting a mistake I made when I said there were 10 milestones in Surrey Heath.

While correct that these are the only milestones connected with turnpike trust roads of the 18th century, there’s another milestone in Chobham. Erected in 1981 to “commemorate the wedding of HRH The Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer”. It is none the less worthy of being included in the Borough’s list of milestones. So, we’ve 11 not 10. Here are some photos of this milestone, and Colin Woodward’s diagram of its front face [click on images to expand].

A big thank you to Colin for telling me, in his letter, about what I’d missed, and in such detail too. It’s a little humbling to appreciate that readers of this blog take time to correct my errors.

Now, about the transient fame. Another reader – Lightwater retiree – saw my photo hugging a milestone in the BBC News Surrey website. Here it is in all glory. Fame today, chip paper [or equivalent] tomorrow.

Milestone hug

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