Taking photos out of an aeroplane window

My guess is that many of us have tried to capture the stunning vistas from an aircraft window. Probably with less success than we’d like.

Having a window seat is an obvious first requirement, then an unobstructed view, and finally a clear sky either to view the ground, or a lovely sunset.

We’ve recently returned from a short holiday to northern Portugal. Flying into Porto’s airport, I was lucky, lucky, lucky, in that I had a window seat, my pocket camera on my lap, and a reasonably unobstructed view. As the plane prepared its approach to the airport I had a terrific view of the bridges over the River Douro as the plane banked. Here are a couple of professional views about taking photos from an plane, HERE, and HERE.

My tips on taking photos are – turn off flash, set camera to continuous shooting, select ISO setting, and hold camera away from the window. Finally, hope for luck.

I’m chuffed with my photos. They’re not great, but better than I’d expected – click on image to expand.

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