Get Surrey’s article on Lightwater being selected for ultra-fast broadband

The Camberley News & Mail reported on Lightwater’s success in being selected for Virgin Media’s ultra-fast broadband service. Thanks to Get Surrey for allowing me a partial reprint of their full article on their Get Surrey website HERE. See my earlier articles about Virgin Media’s initiative, HERE and HERE.

In the photo, Rebecca Jennings-Evans on left, Neil Bartholomew centre, Cllr Peter Martin on right.

Lightwater ultra-fast broadband

Surrey County Council deputy leader Peter Martin and Windlesham Parish Council leader Rebecca Jennings-Evans welcomed Virgin Media executive director Neil Bartholomew to the village as it was unveiled winner.

Lightwater will be among the first sites in the country where the provider uses a faster, less disruptive optical cable installation method called “narrow trenching”, which allows engineers to cover up to 100 metres in a day.

Cllr Martin said, “A service of 200mbps is phenomenal and many people in rural communities can only dream of such a thing.”

Mr Bartholomew said: “Congratulations to the residents of Lightwater for coming eighth on our leader board. The support and interest from this community has exceeded our expectations and we’re delighted to be supercharging Lightwater. By investing and delivering better connectivity in Surrey, it shows that ultrafast broadband isn’t just for the big cities.”

3 thoughts on “Get Surrey’s article on Lightwater being selected for ultra-fast broadband

  1. Feel free to correct me if my memory is incorrect.

    I worked for Virgin Media’s predecessor (Cabletel which became NTL) in the late 90s and was told that the reason why Lightwater, Bagshot and Windlesham didn’t get the cable TV cables that the rest of Surrey Heath enjoy was because the Parish Council blocked the “way leave” needed to put the cables in because of local opposition. Ironic that 20 years later the people of Lightwater have now seen the benefits.

    Incidentally in West End, where I now live, VM’s street furniture is very poorly maintained with flimsy boxes and cables hanging out. This makes them vulnerable to casual vandalism and accidental damage. The roots of this go back to cost cutting when the cables were first put in – hopefully VM won’t repeat these errors in Lightwater.


  2. ” ….. exceeded our expectations and we’re delighted to be supercharging Lightwater…..”

    I thought BT were the Superchargers ? Money-wise of course ….


  3. I saw signs in Ambleside Road today about upcoming work by Virgin Media. Hopefully we will find more about what they are doing and what they will be charging for their services.


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