No invitation needed for me to ‘hug a milestone’

Tim Dodds giving a milestone a hugMy recent article on ‘Hug a Milestone’ for Surrey Heath Museum’s milestone awareness campaign mostly comprised the Museum’s press release.

I must be keen on milestones, heck, I’ve even joined the Milestone Society, who conserve, research, and interpret them. If they’re important to you, then why not do as I’ve done and give a milestone a hug, and take a photo of you doing so. There are nine standing in the borough, and one in Surrey Heath Museum,

  • A30: Opposite the entrance to Hillier Garden Centre, London Road, Windlesham
  • A30: Nearly opposite the Windmill Pub, London Road, Windlesham
  • A30: A little to the right of Sunrise Nursing Home, London Road, Bagshot
  • A30: In front of houses just left of Jenkins Hill, London Road, Bagshot
  • A30: Almost opposite Caears Camp Road, London Road, Camberley
  • A30: In front of Martins VW Showroom, London Road, Camberley
  • A325: Opposite Gibbet Lane, Portsmouth Road, Camberley
  • A325: Next to Golf Drive, Portsmouth Road, Camberley
  • A325: On The Grove, opposite Frimley Park Hospital, Portsmouth Road, Frimley

So, take a photo next to a milestone and post the Surrey Heath Museum’s Facebook page. Additionally, tweet the image to Surrey Heath’s Twitter account adding the #hugamilestone hashtag.

3 thoughts on “No invitation needed for me to ‘hug a milestone’

  1. Lightwater retiree: Wow, I’d never have seen this until you spotted it. Fame, such a transient thing, it’ll soon be yesterday’s news. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll not resist the chance to report it on the blog. Perchance pride before a fall.


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