The Kings and Queens were the star attraction at West End Fête

Lovely balmy weather for Saturday’s West End Fête at the Tringham recreation ground, which must’ve helped in adding to the throng of visitors. Traditional fête entertainment garnered queues waiting, for a shy at coconuts, to smash a plate, to score a goal, and to watch Punch & Judy. Excellent burgers and hot dogs, and beer filled the aching interior void.

I’ve a brief selection of photos of the Fete, and a short video of the parade.

The procession and parade of  West End Toddlers, Tringham Pre School, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Cubs, Scouts, and Beavers as Kings and Queens was the star attraction. Judging the dress of the parade participants for creativity, and originality was deliberated on with great care, resulting in,

  • 1st in Best Youngest class: The Queen’s Guard by the Rainbows
  • 2nd in Best Youngest class: Buckingham Palace by West End Toddlers
  • 1st in Best Oldest class: Queen Bees by the Brownies
  • 2nd in Best Oldest class: Titania Queen of the fairies by the Guides
  • 1st in Most Creative: The Lion King by Pride Rock Beaver Scout Colony
  • 2nd in Most Creative: Royal Flush by Jamboree and Jubilee Cub Packs
  • 1st in Most Original: Royal Rascals by Tringham Pre School
  • 2nd in Most Original: Chess Pieces by Tarzan Beaver Scout Colony

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