Lightwater one of top 10 communities chosen for ultra-fast broadband

Virgin Media has announced the top 10 communities to benefit from broadband and entertainment boost. Lightwater is number 8 in the list of ten.

I’ve written about the possibility of Lightwater becoming one of the ten communities to benefit from Virgin Media’s FTTP service.

Currently Lightwater is served by FTTC – optical Fibre To The Cabinet. These are the BT Openreach green cabinets. The link from the cabinet to your premises is then via copper cable. The closer to one of these green cabinets you are the faster your internet access speed, as there’s less of the slow copper cable between your home and the cabinet. Virgin Media’s FTTP is Fibre To The Premises, which provides optical fibre cable from the green cabinets to your home.

Our internet speed is between 18 and 19mbps. The potential speed offered by Virgin Media is up to 200mbps. That’s potential more than 10 times faster. The Camberley site on the Get Surrey website has an article on Lightwater’s success. Here’s the list of the ten successful communities – click on image to expand.

Virgin Media top 10 areas

3 thoughts on “Lightwater one of top 10 communities chosen for ultra-fast broadband

  1. This is great. Now the inevitable 4 year wait while they plan it and wait for planning permission!!!


  2. We lived in Lightwater for 5 years, and now live just up the Red Road and have had access to Virgin cable for nearly 20 years now. Over the past 5 years, the speed has increased from 150 Mb/sec to 200Mb/sec. Frankly, the difference isn’t noticeable, but it is really seriously fast and I strongly recommend Virgin Media when it arrives in Lightwater. Not just on speed though, Year on year, I’ve found their service to be highly reliable, with only 2 outages related to hardware issues on my Virgin modem / router. On both occasions they have been easy to contact and fixed the issues promptly and free of charge.


  3. I recall Virgin cable being trenched up the Red Road into Camberley – minimum impact & I believe there was a deal with the Council for Virgin to resurface the pavements after trenching their service into the housing estates ….

    However, there is obviously going to be some extensive trenching within Lightwater … would be interested in the logistics of how Estates are served and how the cable comes into one’s property … and from there how its distributed ?


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