Google Cultural Institute – images of cultural treasures from around the world

I guess we all know Google for internet search, and Google Maps with its clever Street View.

How many of us will have come across Google Earth, with its associated Google Mars, Google Moon, Google Ocean, Google 3D Buildings, Google Sky, and Google Historical Imagery.

I’m thinking far fewer people will have encountered the Google Cultural Institute, which aims, in super-high-resolution gigapixel images, to capture exhibits and collections from museums and archives from around the world, all in extraordinary detail.

Hypebeast in its article – Google Is Preserving Great Works of Art With Its Own Super High-Res Camera – reports that the arrival of Google’s owns high-res camera has speeded up the process of image capture from 1 day per image to 1 image every 30 minutes.

To be able to view art in detail is amazing – just like standing close-up to the physical object. Try it for yourself and see how good it is. Click on image below to link to the website.

Google Cultural Institute


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