Native wild orchids coming into bloom in Folly Bog, and local heathland

The wild orchids in Folly Bog, and alongside the edges of the heathland track in Lightwater, are coming into bloom.

I felt sure I’d worked through my problems of trying to identify the orchids, or so I thought. Checking with a previous online source for identifying orchids, I find that it’s no longer available. I’ve found some new sources – HERE and HERE, which have introduced uncertainty. I now need to go back to Folly Bog and the heathland and get down on my knees for a really close look at the flowers.

I think my identification is probably correct. At the track edge you’ll find the Heath Spotted Orchid. They have heavily mottled leaves. Their flower colour range is variable, from dark pink to white.

To see the other orchid variety – the Early Marsh Orchid – you’ll have to venture down from the track into Folly Bog. While it’s not too boggy at the moment, a few days of heavy rain can make a big difference. Here are my photos: Early Marsh Orchid on the left, and Heath Spotted on the right – click on image to expand.

Early Marsh Orchid   Heath Spotted Orchid

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