Surrey Police Neighbourhood Watch crime bulletin for Surrey Heath: May 2016, 5th update

The Surrey Police Neighbourhood Watch team report on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath in their latest Neighbourhood Watch Burglary Bulletin,

Surrey Police

  • Crime Number: 45160042070: On 20/05/16 at 15.30 hrs, at Chertsey Road, Windlesham. Theft of £15.00 taken of book shelf by the phone.
  • Crime Number: 45160041957: On 19/05/2016 and between 18:15 hrs to 19:00 hrs, at Castle Grove Road, Chobham. Digger has been stolen from driveway of the property.
  • Crime Number: 45160042230: On 21/05/2016 between 07:10 hrs and 08:01 hrs, at Church Road, Bagshot. Been woken by noise outside, notice sash window partially open, window box missing from the sill. Checked outside found spade by window sill. Went to garage found bike missing which is attached to the house, side gate was left open.
  • Crime Number: 4510042287: Between 20/05/2016 and 21/05/2016 and from 22:00 hrs to 12:.30 hrs, at Edgemoor Road, Camberley. Criminal Damage has been caused to fence panels.
  • Crime Number: 45160042485: On 21/05/2016 and between 23:00 hrs to 04:00 hrs at Middleton Road, Camberley. Have used implement to fish car keys from unit in hall way. Used key to unlock front door gained access removing items from down stairs rooms, taken further car key to high value Mercedes Car then stolen and driven off.
  • Crime Number: 45160043057: Between 23/05/2016 and 24/05/2016 and from 22:00 hrs to 07;30 hrs, at Westfield Road, Camberley. Two wicker hanging baskets stolen from front of house.
  • Crime Number: 45160043079: Between 22/05/2016 and 24/05/2016 at 09:25 hrs at London Road, Windlesham. Garage at side of the house broken into numerous items taken.
  • Crime Number: 45160043676: Between 24/05/16 and 25/05/16 and from 08.00 hrs to 15.00 hrs, at Sefton Close, West End. Garage broken into and garden equipment stolen.

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