Is the downward trend in crime reversing in Surrey?

I ask this question because of the increase in the number of Surrey Heath Neighborhood Watch crime, burglary and criminal damage reports. I’ve just added an update to the fourth of these reports on my blog this month.

Looking at the content of these reports it’s mostly petty crime. Serious crime, thankfully, remains a rarity in Surrey Heath. Anti-social behaviour is the largest category in reported crime in Surrey.

Take a look at the Crime Statistics for Surrey HERE. There seems to be a change in the long overall downward trend to an upward trend. It could be just a spike in the numbers. We’ll have to wait to see if this trend continues.

Crime StatisticsGenerally, this needs to be set against a strong overall downward trend in nearly all crime categories in Surrey and nationally. Historical Crime Data released by the Government shows dramatic falls in crime from 2003 to 2015.

Surrey Heath remains one of the safest boroughs in England & Wales.

One thought on “Is the downward trend in crime reversing in Surrey?

  1. You have to consider seasonality in this. The “All Crime and ASB” chart in the link you provide shows a rise from Feb to March, but this is perfectly normal – more people are out in the streets in the warmer weather, windows left open etc, and there are hence more opportunities for crime. It is perfectly normal to see crime fluctuate to heights in the summer, lows in the winter; it is the overall direction of travel that is important.


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