Woodlands Lane bridge in Windlesham closed from 23rd May 2016 till July 2017

We’ve all known about the impending closure of the bridge over the M3 in Woodlands Lane in Windlesham. Well, it’s now happening this month, from Monday 23rd May, lasting till July 2017.

Here’s the Surrey Highways map, and a photo of the approach to the bridge I took at the weekend [click on images to expand]. The Windlesham Society has the details on the bridge closure from highway contractors Balfour Beatty. Below is part of those details,

After the Woodlands Lane traffic management has been put into place we will start works to divert the utilities which are attached to the bridge. A temporary structure will be put into place to take the utilities before further work can begin on the bridge itself. Preparation works will continue until we are ready to demolish the old bridge.

The M3 is scheduled to be closed in both directions from the night of Friday 24th June 2016 to early morning Monday 27th June 2016 to allow the bridge to be demolished.

Bridge closure DSC03908

2 thoughts on “Woodlands Lane bridge in Windlesham closed from 23rd May 2016 till July 2017

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  2. I have shared this wonderful news on the Bagshot Village sites – it will be an interesting weekend on the A322/A30 and surrounding roads. Thank you for the information and keeping everyone in the loop! Tina C


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