Competition hotting up to provide our broadband service

Writer states the blindingly obvious – competition is a good thing. That competition is for our broadband provision.

Regulator Ofcom has an interactive map letting customers check their broadband speed and mobile phone coverage. While the Daily Mail also has an interactive map. It uses the latest Ofcom data showing our part of the UK already has good broadband access. Click on map to visit the Daily Mail broadband speed map.

Recently I reported that Virgin Media had written to Lightwater households seeking the level of interest in receiving ultrafast internet access – up to 200Mb. Delivery being based on laying fibre optic cable to the home. I’ve not yet heard from Virgin Media, as they promised, whether Lightwater is among the early locations for this service.

Meanwhile, BT [our current broadband provider] has written saying that our broadband package and landline service is being upgraded. From 3rd July our BT Infinity broadband will increase from a maximum of 38Mb to 52mb, and our data allowance increases to 45Gb/month. Sadly, this doesn’t come free. There’s an associated price increase. Choices, choices.

Broadband map of UK 2016

9 thoughts on “Competition hotting up to provide our broadband service

  1. Interesting, in that I had the same email from BT, but when doing their speed test, they say I should already get a max of 52Mb with a load of proviso’s, but when using Ookla, I am actually getting less than half of BT’s prediction.


  2. I had BT Infinity 2 installed a couple of years back … and Ookla regularly reported 72+ Meg Download & 19K Upload … this last year it has dwindled to mid-50’s Download & 14 Upload ….

    I assume a lot more subscribers have jumped in over the years …. and/or any copper joints twixt here & Bagshot exchange have deteriorated ….


  3. Agree with both comments. We have the Infinity service which always falls short of the advertised efficiency. Will look at the Virgin Media offering with interest.


  4. Gentlemen, I’ve tested our broadband speed, and the result is 19.7Mb. Quite bit away from a promised 32mb service. Guess I’m further away from the green cabinet than you guys.

    Point to note. There’s fibre optic cabling from the Bagshot exchange to Lightwater village centre. I know, cos I’ve seen into the BT covers. Presume, the fibre optic then reaches each of the green boxes.


  5. In Macdonald Road the fibre finishes in one of the green boxes near the junction with Grasmere Road and from there uses the ancient copper cables to each pole & overhead cable into the houses. Lucky Speedicus for his internet speed.


  6. Be interested to know if its Fibre from the Cabinet on the MacD/Briar/Corbet Way r’bout down into Lightwater …. its certainly copper for the last 500m from that Cabinet to my house on the Chas Church ‘MoorLands’ estate ….


  7. I have had the email about the “improved superfast up to 52M” Infinity service from BT now operating, but checking my speed by Ookla, no difference, if anything a bit slower, how has it affected others ?


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