High Curley without trees and bushes

Here’s a photo of from the top of High Curley in Lightwater, without its cover of trees, bushes and vegetation restricting its scenic views. My photo is of an image of High Curley taken from an exhibition board at Surrey Heath Museum’s exhibition on the work and history of the Camberley Natural History Society. I’ve no information as to when the photo of Curley Hill was taken.

Curley Hill

Surely, the benefit of getting to the top of a hill is to enjoy the view. It’s not now easy to see Guildford Cathedral, or the many other interesting features, promised in the BBC’s list of Top Ten Views Points in Surrey


2 thoughts on “High Curley without trees and bushes

  1. There was a major cutting back and opening up of the view to the SE – thus exposing Guildford Cathedral – back in the mid 90’s I recall …. I think they also stopped the use of the main pathway down (to the north) into the Country Park as it was becoming very eroded esp in heay rain … replacing it with two others stepped and terraced.

    So its taken 20 years to obscure the view again, and hide the extensive damage done on the slopes …


  2. I remember riding/pushing my bike up there as a teenager in the late ’70s and the view being very good if not as clear as in that picture.
    Another area that has “grown up” massively vegetation wise is Chobham Common. Driving to work in the mid ’80s I remember being able to see right across the M3 in one direction and Sunningdale in the other, now you can’t see a thing!
    I’m not sure why these areas that would have been fairly sparse for many, many years (hundreds?) have got so dense over the last 20 or so. There certainly aren’t as many fires as there used to be so that could be part of the reason?
    I certainly prefer them the way they used to be 🙂


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