Were you curious about the construction machines in Folly Bog alongside Red Road

While travelling along Red Road, if for a moment you were able to avert you eyes from the road – difficult I know, you might have seen construction machinery in Folly Bog. Here’s the info.

The work was associated with the Esso pipeline that runs through Folly Bog. It carries jet fuel from the Fawley Oil Refinery to Heathrow and Gatwick. What exactly the work involved I’n not sure. It did involve digging to uncover the pipeline, just as it did for similar work at Colony Gate.

I wasn’t able to visit the work while it was being done – annoyingly, life just got in the way. I’ve visited the site of the digging twice since they completed the work. Once while the protective track was in place and some equipment remained, and then yesterday after all the equipment, and protective track was removed.

Before I show my pictures of the work. You might like to know more about the pipeline and the pipeline markers. HERE all is explained.

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