Another case of the pleasure of finding things out

In the article Retelling Camberley’s past as ‘spook central’ I wrote this about the location of the MI5 secret safe house used by Maxwell Knight, which I’d yet to locate. Here’s the piece,

This extract from One Girl’s War: Joan Miller ( 1986, Brandon: Co. Kerry) refers to the safe house,

“At the beginning of May, when the Wolkoff case was at its height, M sent me off one day to Camberley, in Surrey, to look for a house to rent. The one I eventually took was called ‘Llanfoist’; set well back from the main London Road, about a mile and a half outside Camberley, in grounds complete with stables and garages and screened by a row of pine trees, it was ideal for our purposes. M needed the place as a retreat from the stresses of London, as a ‘safe house’ for agents, and as a spot where fellow MI5 officers, journalists and so forth could be …

Success. A trip to Surrey Heath Museum and all is revealed. Llanfoist no longer exits. On its land is now small housing estate. The house was set directly behind the milestone on the A30 opposite Caesar’s Camp Road. The 1915 map on the left shows Llanfoist directly behind the M.S. letters, and the second image is from Google Maps, which shows the housing estate.

LlanfoistLlanfoist now_1

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