Help! I’m becoming a bit of a birder

A birder, for those not familiar with the term, is a person who seriously pursues the hobby of birdwatching.

Friends recommended installing a bird feeding station in our garden, to which this year I’ve added half-a-dozen different types of bird feeders. These feeders hold black Sunflower seeds, Sunflower seed hearts, suet logs, Nyger seeds, peanuts, and mixed bird seed, etc.

I’ve mentioned here before my problems with bird identification. The images of bird species in our books on birds are often unhelpful. So, next purchase is a good book on bird identification.

Having binoculars at the ready for birwatching proves my birder tendency. I’m a fair weather birder, since birdwatching is from our nice warm conservatory. I can report that – and I’m unseemly proud of this – we’ve Redpolls and Siskins visiting our bird feeding station.

lesser-redpoll- male Siskin - male

3 thoughts on “Help! I’m becoming a bit of a birder

  1. Tim. Have you ever been to the wetlands centre at Barnes. We went once for a day out, several years ago, then joined the trust on the way out as we had enjoyed it so much. We now go several times a year. We have also been to Arundel, the one near Gloucester and the one in South Wales. They are all very different and have various types of hides. We have always been lucky in that “proper” birders have also been happy to let us use their spotter scopes and identify birds that we didn’t know.

    It is also a great opportunity for pictures of birds, plants and animals.

    Best ones we have seen are water voles and bitterns.


  2. Hi Tim,
    Are you aware that you can get a good App for bird identification for your iPhone? It also includes a feature for listening to the calls/songs of different birds.


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