Surrey Police neighbourhood watch crime bulletin for Surrey Heath: 2nd April update

Surrey Police volunteer, and Neighbourhood Watch Administrator, Stephanie Edwards 20420 [Contact telephone: 101 Ext. 31374] reports on recent thefts, burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath in her latest Neighbourhood Watch Burglary Bulletin,

Surrey Police

  • Crime Number: 45160032477: Between 19/04/16 and 20/04/16 and from 22.00 hrs to 06.00 hrs, at Southern Road, Camberley, two bikes stolen from a bike rack near the garage of the home address.
  • Crime Number: 45160030564: Between 14/04/16 and 15/04/16 and from 22.30 hrs to 02.09 hrs, at Wardle Close, Bagshot, a property entered through front window, search done then left via front door.
  • Crime Number:45160030570: Between 14/04/16 and 15/04/16 and from 20.40 hrs to 21.30 hrs, at Esher Road, Camberley, an attempt to enter house via rear door causing damage to the door.
  • Crime Number: 45160030612: Between 13/04/16 and 15/04/16 from 22.15 hrs to 08.31 hrs, at Sturt Road, Frimley Green. Drivers side wing mirror has been snapped off.
  • Crime Number: 45160030865: Between 13/04/16 and 15/04/16 from 21.26 hrs to 17.00 hrs, at Greenlands Road, Camberley, an unlocked shed entered and items stolen.
  • Crime Number: 45160031778: On 17/04/16 at 12.43 hrs, at Bedford Lane, Frimley Green. Logs stolen from property.

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