Feeling power slipping away from my grasp

The power in question, such that it can be said to be power, is that which attracts to the role of President of Camberley & District Probus Club.

IMG_2022I’m the current president of the club for the year that ends at our lunch and AGM on May 4th. As with all clubs, of whatever sort, there’s always something for the committee and president to decide upon. They may not be important decisions, but the closer a president gets to the end of office, the more important are the views of the incoming president.

This is what I mean when I say power is slipping away from me. Anyway, yesterday evening was the annual President’s Dinner, where members are accompanied by wives or girlfriends. It was held at our home in the Green Room at Pine Ridge Golf Club. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with excellent food and courteous attention from Pine Ridge staff.

The photo is of our table arrangement prior to the guests arriving, with a focus on Table 1 – the President’s Table – with the microphone in place where I’ll be sitting.

So, that’s my lot as president. Just the next lunch where I had over to the vice- president. It’s been a happy, fun year, with some achievements, which I can call my legacy.

2 thoughts on “Feeling power slipping away from my grasp

  1. Surprised to see the bit about “wives and girlfriends” – are there no female Probus people?


  2. Chris, Camberley & District Probus Club is a mens club, ladies can join Surrey Heath Ladies Probus Club. Hope that helps.


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