Is the UK the only Global Power behind the USA as the only Super Power?

Odd question I know. Especially as you probably are thinking whatever power the UK possesses, it’s definitely on the wane.

GeoStrategy CMP rankingOne study by European Geostrategyadmittedly a couple of years old now, concludes that the UK is the only Global Power. The table [click to enlarge] taken from their report – Audit of Major Powers – shows the ranking of 15 countries in their analysis. For their analysis they chose four different categories – cultural pull, diplomatic influence, economic strength, and military reach – with each divided into five subcategories, each weighted in relation to the others.

They argue that not focusing solely on GDP [Gross Domestic Product or better expressed as national output], or military capability gives a truer judgement on the ranking of power.

While in this report the UK sits above France – don’t we always judge ourselves against them – another that merely looks at military might places the UK as sixth in the world. A Global Firepower report – Countries Ranked by Military Strength (2016) – places France one position ahead of us. Our lack of deployable aircraft carriers is a factor placing us below France.

It’s useful to consider the European Geostrategy conclusion when thinking about the Remain / Leave referendum. In that we should not be cowed by ‘project fear’ of the remain campaign. We are strong enough to stand on our own.

A further report, The Soft Power 30, puts in position 1, ahead of the USA.

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