Windlesham Parish Council Annual Meeting: Part 4 – CCllr Adrian Page on plans for Red Road

This is part 4 of the four articles on the proceedings at the Windlesham Parish Council Annual Meeting I attended last week. See part 1 on the Parish Council annual report HERE, and part 2 – Karen Whelan’s update of changes at Surrey Heath Borough Council HERE, and part 3 – CCllr Mike Goodman’s report on Surrey County Council topics.

This last report by County Councillor Adrian Page for Bisley, Lightwater, and West End is on issues and plans concerning Red Road – B311, and praise for Windsor Rackham and Lightwater L.I.V.E.

3 thoughts on “Windlesham Parish Council Annual Meeting: Part 4 – CCllr Adrian Page on plans for Red Road

  1. No new plans, and effectively blaming driving skills with no regard to the nature of the junctions – also a totally unecessary comment about young drivers being distracted by their baseball caps … for goodness sake, stop saying its a hard nut to crack and do something positive.


  2. What an outrage, no roundabout or other means of getting out of Lightwater! To say its all down to driver’s ability is so ridiculous – when a driver can’t safely move a car from any junction to get on to the Red Road in the first place.


  3. Basically, they think its too much like hard work to have to develop a solution …

    So why not peak-hour traffic lights I hear you say … better than a r’bout in that it would solve ‘prority to the right’ issue for the junctions in question – mind you, that will be rejected on the old chestnut of slowing the flow on Red Rd to the A322, and also that they might have to acquire a few square metres of MoD land & prune back the scrubby woodland to get a clear line of sight ….. oh and somehow encouraging more rat-running thru #bottledUpLightwater.

    I’d rather see the available funds spent on easing the problems at these junctions than on surveys about the road surface in the wet, and re-surfacing the western half of the RR (already planned for Project Horizon, so dont confuse it as a partial solution).

    Any traffic management engineer will tell you its beneficial to ‘pulse’ traffic volume to a junction like the A322 Gordons r’bout …. whatever – you are going to have to queue somewhere, so why not break up the tedium by queueing in 2 or more places …

    So when does work start on the r’bouts at each end of the Red Road – as shown in the plans for the PRB traffic volume mitigation scheme ?

    I still think they missed a chance to avoid all this by implementing a Junction 3a at the Maultway !


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