Windlesham Parish Council Annual Meeting: Part 1 – the Annual Report

Last week at the Windlesham Parish Council Annual Meeting I made an effort to record it all on video, and in sound. It was only a partial success. I have sound recordings of some of the speakers, though not all. There’s already one article here on the guest speaker at the meeting – Anne Brummer on wildlife rescue.

I’m splitting the proceedings of the meeting over four articles – originally three. This first part has a few photos of the event, and a copy of the parish council’s Annual Report [click on image to open PDF of the report], held at the St John the Baptist church hall in Windlesham.

In the photo of the panel, from left to right, is Sarah Walker – Asst parish clerk, Cllr Rebecca Jennings-Evans – parish chairman, Cllr Joanne Potter – Surrey Heath Mayor, Karen Whelan – CEO of Surrey Heath B.C, CClr Adrian Page, CClr Mike Goodman, Anne Brummer, and Surrey Heath Police borough commander Bob Darkens.

Windlesham Parish Council Annual report

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