Listening to passionate Anne Brummer about hedgehogs and wildlife rescue

Anne BrummerYesterday evening at the Windlesham Parish Council Annual Meeting, the guest speaker Anne Brummer, of Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, spoke about the crisis in the decline of the hedgehog population, and about wildlife rescue.

Anne’s talk was enthralling, delivered with passion and from immense knowledge about wildlife. Her ideas for ways of protecting wildlife in urban areas are logical, sensible, and worth implementation. You’ll have to listen to Anne’s talk to find out what they are.

Anne grew up in Lightwater, where she recalls red squirrels and all manner of other wildlife that sadly are no longer in evidence.

To address the crisis of hedgehog decline Harper Asprey has created a short video on hedgehogs entitled Amazing Grace. The audience were the first to see the video, which will be shown to a group of over a 100 MP’s shortly. And, when available, I’ll post it here for you to enjoy.

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