Ultrafast Internet connection to our house – oh, yes please

Lucky Lightwater. It appears we’re one of 40 local communities selected by Virgin Media for ultrafast optical fibre network in the next two years.

Do I want it, certainly do. Our broadband reception is reasonable. The nearer you are to a BT green cabinet the better your broadband connection speed. And, you’ve probably guessed it, we’re not that close.

Do we want an ultrafast connection to the Internet? Yes, and can we have it now please.

IMPORTANT: The more people in Lightwater who declare interest by 29th April in fast broadband the sooner we’re likely to get it. Here’s the response to our declaration of interest, and the invitation letter from Virgin Media below it,

Virgin Media

Virgin Media broadband

4 thoughts on “Ultrafast Internet connection to our house – oh, yes please

  1. Yes, a better Internerd speed – but at the expense of pavements & gardens dug up to lay the fibre direct to your house …. unless they can ‘share’ underground trunking with BT …. doubtful.

    And how does it get routed once indoors – thought that the days of clipping cables to skirting was over ?


  2. I believe Virgin will only be interested in estates, and probably only new ones with underground connections. Those who have overhead copper lines, that connect via copper multi-core cables to a BT box near the Guildford Road will be left in the slow lane. When BT offered the Infinity connection, the clueless girl in sales assured me that the fibre would be all the way to my house, how wrong she was !


  3. We pay for BT Infinity that is far from being the lighting-fast service it’s cracked up to be. Interested to see if Virgin can provide a better service, and to be honest amazed that a cable company haven’t invested in the area before.


  4. esp given that they brought the Cable up Red Road into Camberley some years ago …. probably had early warning of the No-Right-Turn into Macdonald Rd …..


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