Surrey Police neighbourhood watch crime bulletin for Surrey Heath: April

Surrey Police volunteer, and Neighbourhood Watch Administrator, Stephanie Edwards 20420 [Contact telephone: 101 Ext. 31374] reports on recent thefts burglaries, and criminal damage in Surrey Heath in her latest Neighbourhood Watch Burglary Bulletin,

  • Police carCrime Number: 46160028140: Between 07/04/16 and 08/04/16 and between 19.00 to 08.10 hrs, in Coleford Bridge Road, Mytchett, a metal gate has been cut through and trailer stolen from stable yard.
  • Crime Number: 46160028409: Between 07/04/16 to 08/04/16 from 18.00 to 19.45hrs in Coleford Bridge Road, Mytchett, damage to fence and forced entry into a shipping container, nothing taken.  
  • Crime Number: 46160028151: Between 07/04/16 and 08/04/16 and between 18.00 to 08.30 hrs in Stanhope Road, Camberley, a warehouse broken into untidy search carried out.
  • Crime Number: 46160028266: Between 06/04/16 and 08/04/16 and between 09.00 to 13.09 hrs in Heathcote Road, access into communal Flat area and forced open box causing damage and removed post.
  • Crime Number: 46160028274: Between 07/04/16 and 08/04/16 and between 20.30 and 13.34 hrs in Jenkins Court, Bagshot, a car parked in the car park front nearside tyre pierced.
  • Crime Number: 46160028830: On 10/ 04/16 between 13.00 to 01.55 hrs in High Street. Camberley, gates to flats car park damaged over night.
  • Crime Number: 46160029321: Between 11/04/16 to 12/04/16 and between 09.00 and 23.55 hrs in Yaverland Drive, Bagshot, tools stolen from van that was parked outside home address.
  • Crime Number:46160028910: On 10/04/16 at 22.30 hrs in Philpot Lane, Chobham, a tractor and taken from yard.

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