Remembering Biggie Smalls’ fashion style

Biggie Smalls was a renowned American rapper. Born Christopher Wallace, better known by his stage names The Notorious B.I.G, or Biggie Smalls. He was murdered at age 24 in 1997.

Biggie Smalls left an impressive music legacy. Additionally, leaving an almost as impressive fashion legacy. Biggie’s fashion style took little known niche fashion brands into popular fashion. Two such are, Coogi – the Australian maker of jazzy colourful sweaters, and the Kangol Cap.

At the time when when Biggie wore a Coogi sweater it had a high price point. It still does, as can be seen in the Biggie inspired model retailing for between $700 – $840.

CoogiCan’t quite remember when or even where I bought one of these sweaters. I think it may have been in a gents outfitters in Guildford. Though can’t be sure. I do remember there was just one sweater remaining in the shop’s sale. It was in a small size, which fitted me, and was priced  at just over £30, a huge reduction from the retail of £250’ish.

It needs courage to wear it. Do I have that courage? Only occasionally. No, I should really say rarely. Guess looking at the photo of me in it, you’ll understand why, especially if you click on the image to expand. Without Biggie Smalls bringing the brand to the mainstream, I’d probably never have bought it.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Biggie Smalls’ fashion style

  1. Lightwater Retiree. Ooooh no. I’ve probably worn it less than a couple of dozen times. I’m more into easy wear fleeces nowadays.


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