On until April 23rd Camberley Natural History Society Exhibition at Surrey Heath Museum

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce that Surrey Heath Museum’s current exhibition on the work of Camberley Natural History Society continues till April 23rd. Dartford Warbler Photo credit: Barry Hughes.

Dartford Warbler - credit Barry HughesOur current exhibition celebrates the history of this amazing society, celebrating its 70th anniversary. Created in Camberley in 1946, the Camberley Natural History Society has worked to research, promote and protect the natural habitats of the Surrey Heath area. The original force behind the society was Maxwell Knight, who came to the area during the Second World War to live in a safe house locally. With a successful career in MI5 and the BBC, he was a strong driving force.

In the last 70 years, the area has seen many housing and road developments, and the need to protect and encourage wildlife has never been stronger.  Many species have dwindled (including barn owls and turtle doves) as their habitats have disappeared, but equally many species have become prevalent in the area (such as buzzards and Canada geese). Heathland bird species such as nightjars and woodlarks remain protected partly because of the society’s work.

On display are paintings and taxidermy from the museum’s collection, Victorian insect and egg collections, and taxidermy displays from the original museum’s collection. The latter reveal a time when it was fashionable to collect birds and mammals and remove them from their natural habitats.

Come and be intrigued by the changing local natural history and find out about your area – the local natural habitats of grassland, heathland and wetland – and the species you can find there.

The exhibition runs until 23 April.

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