Changes to Neighbourhood Policing in Surrey

This is an announcement from Gavin Stephens, Temporary Deputy Chief Constable of Surrey Police, on changes introduced this week to Neighbourhood Policing,

Surrey PoliceFollowing our extensive discussions over the past few months I am writing to remind you that Surrey Police’s new local policing model goes live on Sunday 3 April 2016.

As we have previously discussed the new model is part of our Policing In Your Neighbourhood project, which is a pro-active response to the new picture of crime in the UK. Burglary and car theft are down but have been replaced by challenging increases in complex and often more hidden offences like child sexual exploitation, domestic abuse and cybercrime. These offences require specialised investigative officers who will also work with partners to safeguard the vulnerable, and are essential in keeping the public safe.

Thank you to those who attended one of our briefings over recent months and I hope you found these to be productive and informative. If you were unable to attend, the briefing materials are still available through our website and give a full run-down of all the changes planned.

What you will see from 3 April?

The most significant change that many of you will be aware of from 3 April is that our local officers will be carrying out a broader range of tasks. This means that, where possible, officers who start on a job will see it all the way through the investigation to its conclusion. This means that victims of crime will get a continuity of care and an identified contact throughout. Where more specialised skills are required, cases will be taken on by the Criminal Investigation Department and the Safeguarding Investigations Unit, the later receiving a significant investment in additional resources.

In addition to adequately resourcing our specialist investigation teams, local policing teams will be bigger as there will be more officers working for each borough, tackling local problems and supporting smaller but still dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Teams. Boroughs and districts will continue to have a dedicated local Inspector and dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Team Police Community Support Officers who will work with partners such as hospitals and councils to make communities safer. They will be focused on solving the chronic local issues that cause the greatest risk and harm. Neighbourhood policing will remain visible, accessible and focused on solving the problems that concern local residents.

This is a significant change programme for Surrey Police but extensive preparation work has been carried out in the past few months to ensure that the organisation is as ready as it can be to move smoothly into the new model.

We do, of course, anticipate some teething problems and I would like to ask you to ensure that you continue to communicate with your local contacts to inform us of any problems which you might encounter.  Thank you for your continuing support.

Yours sincerely,

Gavin Stephens

Temporary Deputy Chief Constable

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