Experienced a painless upgrade to Windows 10

In the past, like many I’ve experienced issues when upgrading to newer version of Microsoft operating systems. This experience goes way back. Please don’t ask how long.

Last week I listened to a friend whom I consider has reputable IT knowledge and skills. His view was don’t hang about, upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows 10

We’ve have four computers, two laptops running Windows 8.1, one desktop running Windows 7, and one  laptop banished to the back of the cupboard running Windows XP. My experience is of trouble free upgrade to Windows 10 of one of our Windows 8.1 laptops yesterday evening. Perhaps less than two hours from start to finish. Hopefully, the remaining two upgrades will be as painless [not bothering with the XP machine].

One thought on “Experienced a painless upgrade to Windows 10

  1. The only problem I have found with W10 (on a tablet) is that they have changed the contacts to people and there is no option of doing a group. In the Windows mail in my Vista PC , that is a very useful option for sending things to club or society members using the “group” single contact. In W10 you have to add each member which is quite a pain. So while my PC keeps going I will continue using it despite it being a lot slower than current machines.


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