Here’s an Easter tease; information needed about this photo: UPDATED

Here’s a photo of the newsagents in Lightwater around 1960. I’d love to know more about the shop, and its exact location in Guildford Road.

The photo was emailed to me by a dear friend. It was passed to her by a resident of the Paddock Wood Girls Finishing School in the early 1960’s, and about which she says of the photo,

“Just found this photo of the newspaper shop in Lightwater village. It was were we used to go to get our chocolates and bits and pieces!”

Lightwater in early 1960's

Here’s an earlier photo, which seems to indicate that the newsagent was to the right of the BP petrol station. Oops, should’ve credited Lightwater Village website for the photo  below.

Lightwater in 1950's


6 thoughts on “Here’s an Easter tease; information needed about this photo: UPDATED

  1. Love a challenge – but not enough clues there ….. maybe a search of the Electoral Roll for the period for H. Palmer would reveal the actual street address – similarly for Lathams next door ….


  2. I wonder if Alan Meeks has any clues, he has the collection of Alf Tarry’s photo’s of local photo’s and history.
    In 2012 Alan and members of the Windlesham & Camberley Club made a DVD set from Alf’s slide shows, I bought the set, but don’t recall seeing this property.


  3. Hi, although I currently live on Vancouver Island, Canada I spent my childhood in Lightwater in the 50s and 60s. I’m not totally sure but I recall the news agents was located next to the pharmacy. Can’t quite recall whether it was on the B.P petrol station side (used to be Mobil) or on the opposite side of the pharmacy. If I were to guess I would say it was on the opposite side to the petro station.. I used to spend a lot of time at Dave Bryant’s motorcycle shop immediately across the road from the Mobil petrol station.

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  4. Hi Nigel, How interesting. Thank you. I’ve located this photo from the 1950’s, which seems to agree with your view it was on the side of the road with the Mobile/BP petrol station. Can just see the newsagent in the right hand of the photo.


  5. Just to add that the position of the newsagents in the picture must be roughly where the current newsagent is now. The Swains ran it when I was living in Lightwater (in the 50s and 60s) and did a paper round. Thank you for doing the Lightwater blog Tim.


  6. Excellent post Mr Dodds, and isn’t it amazing just how much even a small village like Lightwater has changed in just 60 odd years? It’s still recognisable, but different. Paradoxically, we live in a time when the worlds information is immediately available at our fingertips and yet we sometimes struggle to capture images from just a couple of generations ago. I wonder if in the years to come, companies such as Google will make accessible in their usual consumer friendly curated way, the photographic archive material generated by the millions of smartphones around the world, so we can visualise the changes in our communities over the years that our own memories and those of future generations forget?


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