ALARM Survey for 2016 finds further decline in local road network

According to the 21st Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey, published on 23rd March 2016, it highlights,

Crumbling road surfaceAlan Mackenzie, chairman of the Asphalt Industry Alliance, which produces the ALARM survey, said: “The network is ageing and the cumulative effect of decades of underfunding is continuing to take its toll. Add in the impacts of flooding and increased traffic and you start to appreciate the scale of the problem our local authorities are facing.”

Here’s my photo of a local road in Lightwater – not potholes, but serious delamination of the road surface. I could have found worse. But hey, this is just round the corner.

Somewhat disappointingly only 56% of local authorities responded to the survey, as against 74% for the 19th annual report. I’ve reported on this survey in previous years, especially their Summary Charts.

The 2016 survey report contains plenty of data to digest. Here’s the table of the key findings from the report, click on image to expand.

Key Findings of ALARM Survey 2016

One thought on “ALARM Survey for 2016 finds further decline in local road network

  1. Now there is a challenge, to count how many bodged repair patches are in the photo. Makes good money for the subcontractors (at the local taxpayers expense).


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