New notices about the Red Road [B311] manhole cover replacement

NoticesWalking to Lightwater village this morning I saw new Temporary Traffic Order notices being placed on street furniture near the junction of Lightwater Road and Red Road. Click on image to enlarge.

I read both notices carefully, the old one is the top of the two notices in the photo. The only main difference I see between them is that the newer – bottom notice – says it’s a Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order 2016, while in the older one, the traffic order is dated 2015. The dates of issue are also different

The manhole cover replacement, necessitating a potential road closure of up to 3 days, will occur within twelve months. So says the notice. Exciting news, huh.

2 thoughts on “New notices about the Red Road [B311] manhole cover replacement

  1. And we are paying the salaries of these idiots who can’t get dates right, or take the incorrect notice down when putting the replacement one up.
    What is the betting on the tie-wraps being left on the lamp-post when the notices are removed.


  2. Its not just the council. Have a walk down Grasmere Rd Tim to see the hole and ‘footway closed’ sign Affinity Water left on Friday morning. (Forcing children going to and from village schools to go out into the road).


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