Oddity 3: Admiral Nelson’s pillar in Dublin

Last historical oddity of the day. This is about Admiral Nelson’s Pillar that once stood in Dublin.

The grand monument to Admiral Horatio Nelson was erected in 1808–1809 in central Dublin, which was three decades ahead of Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square.

The pillar was a Doric column rising to 120 feet, with the outer part of built of Wicklow Granite, and a spiral interior staircase of 166  steps to gain access to a viewing platform. The pillar was topped with a statue of Nelson in Portland Stone, giving the pillar and overall height of 134 feet.

Definitely a magnificent monument, which did not enjoy universal support in Ireland, where it was viewed as a symbol of Britain’s imperial rule. The pillar survived until March 1966, when it was destroyed by a bomb planted by Irish republicans. Today the Spire of Dublin stands on its former ground. Want to know more? Here are some excellent sources, followed by a before and after photos – click to expand.

1-Nelson's Pillar in 1927 2-Half-demolished_Nelson's_Pillar 3-Spire-of-Dublin

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