More on the replacement of manhole cover causing closure of Red Road

I attended Surrey Heath Local Are Committee yesterday evening. I arrived before 6.0pm, but found my enthusiasm waning by 8.0pm, and so left the meeting, missing the presentation of the reports. No real matter, as the reports are all online.

TRO for Red RoadEager beaver than I occasionally am, I was first to ask a question. I asked a highways officer to provide more information on the projected closure of Red Road [B311] for the replacement of a manhole cover. [click to expand the image]

There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that I may have been guilty of over interpreting the meaning of the notice, suggesting that the closure was potentially a three day event. The notice says, “These works are anticipated to be carried out within three days between the hours of 09.3hrs and 16.00 hours ……”. So, charitably, the closure could be for just a day.

The bad news is that the highways officer couldn’t enlighten the audience on the nature of the repair. Speculating, probably not unreasonably, that the repair might involve repair the structure of the manhole below the surface of the road, necessitating the delay.

So, we’re still left with a future road closure, which we’re not sure when, for not sure how long.

Optimistically, work could take just part of a day, outside peak hours. Pessimistically, well, I just don’t know.

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