Closure of Red Road, B311, for manhole cover replacement

Eagle-eyed that I am – well, sometimes that is. Spotted this notice on a lamppost on Red Road [B311] close to its junction with Lightwater Road. The notice says that Red Road will be closed sometime after 1st April for up to 3 days for the replacement of a manhole cover. Similar manhole cover replacement takes just a day, so not sure what’s involved here for it to be up to 3 days.

The notice confuses me, simple chap that I am. Also, I can’t work out which manhole needs to be replaced, as there are three in Red Road near the junction. Anyway, here’s my photo of the notice. I can’t find any reference to it on Surrey County Council Highways website.

TRO for Red Road

10 thoughts on “Closure of Red Road, B311, for manhole cover replacement

  1. Probably gonna use the full 3 days on that 10m stretch to implement a mini-roundabout ….. TiC smilie …

    Its not on Headed paper – so are you sure it aint a wind-up ? LOL


  2. Such a pity this isn’t a permanent arrangement! Would sort out the rat running problem at that end of the village and ensure that the by-pass is used as originally intended… by-pass Lightwater Village!


  3. Obviously, they have to spend all the money before the next financial year, so 1 crew to dig the hole, another to fit the new manhole, then another to fill & tarmac.
    Given the thousands who use Red Road each day (see the survey in the other Red Road blog) I imagine Macdonald & Ambleside Roads are going to be chaotic during the road closure as nobody will do the huge detour that is in the notice.


  4. They are just not interested, simple as that. Lightwater is totally ignored and underfunded. The Guildford Road running through the village is plagued by rat runners and speeding vehicles every day despite the 30mph limit, an infant school, retirement accommodation and a Post Office. There have been numerous complaints to get either humps or similar introduced but they refuse. The reason Lightwater has such an awful traffic problem is because there is nothing to deter rat runners as they can go anywhere they please at whatever speed they please and it is getting worse as more houses are built in Deepcut etc.


  5. There are humps all the way down Macdonald Rd from its junction with High Curley/Highview: there used to be humps and/or chicanes down Ambleside too in the 1980s – but the Emergency services vetoed the use of them concurrently on both these roads ….


  6. That brainless ones who did the chicanes down Ambleside Road didn’t allow for the school buses, dust carts etc so they were rapidly removed.


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