Praising efficiency when you find it

Passport officeHere goes, hostage to fortune with commenters maybe.

The HM Passport Office is impressively efficient. There, I said it. I’ve got the evidence to back up my contention.

Going on holiday later in the year I’d noticed that my passport would be out of date just prior to our holiday. I wondered about the length of time the process of acquiring a new passport might take. I’m sure we all remember horror stories about past Passport Office delays.

Deciding against a personal visit to a Passport Office, I committed myself to filling in the application form, getting new photos – a painless experience with Lightwater Post Office’s super-duper camera that produces four photo of exactly the correct size – and mailing it all.

UK PassportI securely mailed everything on Monday 22nd February, and was pleasantly surprised to receive a text message [click on image to expand] on Wednesday 24th February to say that the application had been received and was being dealt with.

On Friday 28th February another text message informs me that my new passport will arrive in a matter of days. On Monday 29th February my new passport is hand delivered to our home.

The whole process took just a week. An odd feeling of pride effused my being that dear old Blighty isn’t as inadequate as we often think it is.

Inspecting every page of my new passport – don’t we all do that – I noticed the new design inside. Hmm, pleased I’ve got one of these.

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