O frabjous day! McVities bourbons and ginger nuts back in production

Bourbon_biscuitsThe floods in Carlisle, Cumbria on December 5th last year caused the closure of McVities biscuit factory.

I’ve always liked biscuits, though not every type of biscuit. I can leave certain biscuit types in the biscuit barrel as I pass buy. I have no will power when the barrel contains bourbon or ginger nut biscuits – and yes they have to be McVities to meet my discerning palate for biscuits.

It’s, therefore, wonderful news to hear that McVities Ginger Nuts are back in production, and many other brands produced by McVities in Carlisle.

I’ve placed my order on my wife’s shopping list, and am expectantly awaiting the arrival of my favourite biscuits. I know I’ll have to wait a while, as McVities are promising availability around the end of March. I should say that my biscuit intake is rationed, otherwise I’d become of Billy Bunter size in no time at all.

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