Did you know Bagshot had a tunnel?

I’m probably one of the few that didn’t know that there was an official Bagshot Tunnel.

This isn’t a quiz, so I’ll get straight to the point. Bagshot Tunnel is the rail tunnel under the roads around the American Golf Discount Centre on the A30, where it meets the A325 Portsmouth Road. The tunnel is 121 yards long.

Here’s a picture of the tunnel entrance from the Camberley side.

Bagshot Tunnel

7 thoughts on “Did you know Bagshot had a tunnel?

  1. There is also a tunnel under the railway that leads from the test tracks and comes out near the Pennyhill Hotel.


  2. Prob explains why the Maultway dog-legs down to the Golf Club junction – and thus why theres not a straight line across to Maultway North …. kept the Tunnel shorter !

    I think that junction over the Tunnel is the NW corner of Bagshot Parish boundary ?


  3. The tunnel under the railway is some way east of the Maultway so had no impact on the slight bend in the road. I think that was caused by the boundary of the army land that housed the barracks where the Queen did her driver training. I believe the only things left of that are victorian terrace on the Portsmouth Road, right opposite from where Tim took his photo.


  4. so are you saying that Maultway North never was a part of todays ‘The Maultway’ ? – seems pretty obvious that they once were a straight line to me … todays Maultway (south) stops at the lights by the Golf Shop – right over the eastern exit of the Tunnel … if it didnt kink left (west) a few hundred yards back up the hill, it would be a straight line with its namesake north of the railway, and hence the Tunnel would have had to be longer …


  5. No, as you say, they must once have been in line, & probably changed to save cost in building the rail tunnel. The tunnel that Les referred to above is in line with the centre of the grey block that is a reservoir, and can be seen in Google streetview from the A30. There are 2 more tunnels under the rail line going towards Bagshot, the first (that I walked through long ago, now blocked by wire) went into the Waterer’s nursery land, the other (also walked through recently) is School lane to Waggoners Hollow.


  6. ah, we have been at cross purposes … I wasnt ‘answering’ Les, just posting a new thought ….


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