Rare Jaguar E-Type found under a hedge in Bisley

It does surprise that rare and valuable cars are still found rotting in sheds, barns, fields, and gardens. The latest discovery is a 1963 Series 1, 3.8 E-Type Jaguar. Estimated to sell for £100,000, yet needing extensive restoration, goodness knows what it’ll be worth when renovated.

The local interest is that the car had lain under a tarpaulin cover in a Mr Frank Riches garden in Bisley for 30 years.

On my country walks I’ll have to be more observant and see if I can spot a treasured old car quietly rotting away. Although, I’ve no idea what I’d do if I found one, or what’s rare and valuable, or just if it’s rusting junk. Here’s a photo of the car. Interested in it, then visit Coys auction house for details. It’s fully described as item 113 in the catalogue.


2 thoughts on “Rare Jaguar E-Type found under a hedge in Bisley

  1. Interesting..It looks to my untrained eye that behind it, partly hidden,TTC 515, could be an old Morgan…quite valuable….but I might be wrong


  2. Michael, if you look at the auction catalogue it shows the E-Type towing an MG TF. I think it’s likely that the TTC 515 is that MG. I too could be wrong, as there’s not a lot to see of the car in the photo.


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