Chobham Common mystery to be revealed with funding boost

Chobham Common Oct 02 001Yesterday, Surrey Wildlife Trust announced a £48,000 funding award from SITA Trust for Access Improvements at Chobham Common National Nature Reserve. It’s in their announcement they say the award will enable them to tell the history surrounding the mystery of the origins of the Bee Garden in the common. Here’s part of what SWT announced,

The south eastern part of Chobham Common National Nature Reserve (NNR) currently suffers from poor visitor accessibility. The footpaths and bridleways are not defined so visitors can get lost, wandering off route and increasing soil erosion, and during the winter they are boggy and can become completely impassable.

The funding will allow the improvement of a major access track on to the common and a wonderful opportunity to tell the story of a fascinating and intriguing area of the common. Though a scheduled ancient monument, the Bee Garden has a history that remains a mystery and many have debated the origin of this large earthwork. The remains of a Napoleonic fort, a Roman building, or even a medieval Bee Garden supplying highly sought after honey and beeswax to pay local tithes have all been considered as the function of this familiar local feature.

See HERE for the full text of the Surrey Wildlife Trust announcement.

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