The New Day, the first new daily newspaper in 30 years

DSC03142There’s a new newspaper on the newsstands, called The New Day. Must try and not use the word new again in this article – four in previous sentence.

Published by the Trinity Mirror Group, it was provided free on Monday, and available for 25 pence for the next two weeks, and 50 pence after that. There’ll be no associated website. So it’s purely a print publication.

The publishers have promised it support for nine months. Here’s what they say about the paper.

It will be pitched at people aged 35 to 55, people who want a more modern approach to news.

…you’ll find no political bias. In fact, we’ll give you both sides of the argument and we’ll let you make up your own mind.

We’ve no weekly columnists. But loads of opinions. All different.

And we’ll have good new not just bad. Like life.

Our stories will be selected to interest our readers, not to impress other journalists.

…with just 40 pages we’re dedicated to ruthlessly editing the world’s events. We’ll tell you everything you need to know without bombarding you.

Will it succeed? I hae me doubts. For news snippets there’s the Internet, Twitter, and Facebook,from which people under 25 draw their news. I think the I newspaper has their target market covered, and now that’s its found a new home with the Johnston Press, they’ll be keen to promote it.

Even though The New Day costs will be low, I can’t see it making money. Apart from straight news reporting, I want to read strong opinions, be they from Polly Toynbee, Richard Littlejohn, or Quentin Letts, which this paper won’t provide.

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