Curiosity and excitement at Camberley Library

I know you knew I’d visit Camberley Library on its re-opening day.

Carrying my armful of books to return I encountered the new self-service machines. Very snazzy and easy to use.

I chatted to some of the library staff, saying ‘It’s an exciting day for the Library’, which elicited smiles and agreement. Staff were just happy to be ‘home’, having spent time in other Surrey Libraries, such as Woking.

The layout of the Library has altered. Feeling positive I approached the task of familiarising myself with the new layout as an adventure. Some of the stock held on the upper floor has been brought and merged with stock on the ground floor.  The one thing I miss is the shelf of classic books – those that you really ought to read. I picked three from these shelves before Christmas. Now they’re all merged with all the other books.

I bumped into a couple of people I know who introduced me to Donna Leon – a crime writer that’s new to me. All things considered it’s a success. Here are a couple of photos. Oddly, photos inside the Library are not encouraged.

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