I do love businesses that invest for growth

Our latest spectacles are from John Harwood in Camberley. We’ve tried lots of opticians over the years. The key reason for choosing Harwood’s was their choice of rimless frames, which seemed to not be the current trend in frames, therefore restricting choice. Personally, I don’t like viewing the world as though through a picture frame.

OpticianEnough of this. John Harwood recently became part of larger group of opticians when it joined Bayfields. It’s a competitive market for opticians in Camberley, with Specsavers, Leightons, Boots, and John Harwood all vying for our business. We’ve even Simon Pestell opticians in Lightwater, whom we’ve used in the past.

What I like to see is businesses investing for growth. John Harwood’s clientele, now under the Bayfields brand, can visit new larger, and well equipped premises, which opened for business on Saturday 27th February. One of us needed to book an eye test – an excuse to visit for the promised light refreshments on its opening day.

What I noticed was lots more space, comfy chairs, a selection of British made spectacle frames – and just a pleasing ambience. The staff said the move took place on Friday, with everyone working from early hours till late to prepare for the opening. As I’ve said. I just love seeing businesses expand. It shows confidence in the future, and people prepared to take a risk. All good stuff. Here’s my brief photo montage of our visit.

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