Need to tell you what I saw on a heathland walk

Nothing to worry about – just a prosaic report, that’s all.

This week I walked from Lightwater to Deepcut. It was mostly on the track alongside the perimeter fence of the Bisley and Pirbright ranges. I know I’ve frequently written here about this walk. About the flora in Folly Bog, the views from Hangmoor Hill and Chobham ridges, and maintenance given to the heathland.

Twas a nice sunny day for my walk. Not dry enough underfoot for an adventure down into Folly Bog, which looked – well you know, boggy.

I spotted friends on the track, quick rush up to chat to them, and onwards to my goal. They’d branched off to get back into Lightwater. I saw bonfire smoke near the track by The Folly, recognising that essential heathland maintenance was ongoing [must go and investigate what’s been done – on another day]. This work was confirmed when I passed part of the heathland stripped of the unwanted scrub. In a year or two there’ll be heather to enjoy.

Further on the view from Chobham Ridges are a joy. How wonderful it would be to walk down the gentle slopes. Sadly the unexploded ordnance would soon likely see the end of me. Finally, nearing Colony Gate – at the junction of Old Bisley Road and the Maultway – I saw that all the grasses and scrub had been mowed. Excellent, as it promotes native spring wild flowers. Here are my photos of the walk. Click on them to expand.

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