Photography designed to capture moments in time of a society

The BBC’s programme on the Wonderful World of Albert Kahn introduced me to the joys of photography that was designed to capture images of societies as a historical record.

The pleasure in seeing photos taken around 100 years ago is to understand the pace of change in society. When I reported on The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn I suggested that over 100 of his images are freely viewable online. Checking my links showed impermanence of the Internet. What was available, is no more. Only the 10 images in the Daily Telegraph remain available – a very poor result.

So I’ve resolved to copy the images I like – for personal use of course – even though most will be out of copyright. Obviously these copies won’t be high resolution images. You will though have them to view for your personal pleasure. Therefore, if any of the images of pre-WWII Russia I wrote about recently are sufficiently arresting that you like to keep a copy, then I suggest that’s what you do. If the website won’t let to take a copy, you can use Microsoft’s Snipping Tool, or the freeware Screen Hunter. Enough, here are some evocative images to enjoy – click to enlarge. One from Albert Kahn studio, and the other two from a Russian source.

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