A picture gallery that’s not daunting, and is pleasantly accessible

You’ll recall me saying that we visited Dulwich Picture Gallery café last week. I’m sure you’d guessed that we also likely visited the Picture Gallery. Yes, we did.

Galleries an be daunting places. Inasmuch that you feel the need to see everything – well, if you’re my kind of culture vulture that is. Dulwich Picture Gallery is small enough to be visited in a morning or afternoon, and large enough to have sufficient paintings in front of which to linger and ponder.

Apart from its permanent exhibition, the Gallery hosts special exhibitions. Its current exhibition of the works of Norwegian artist Nikolai Astrup (1880 – 1928) is worthy of a visit alone. The Gallery state that ‘the exhibition is the first ever major London exhibition – and indeed the world’s, outside of Norway of Astrup’s work’. I’ll tell you more about the exhibition, which is on until the 15th May 2016, in an upcoming post.

Meanwhile here are a few views of the gallery. Click on images to expand.

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