An evening visiting Segal self-build houses in Walter’s Way

Gadzooks, it was eight years ago that I reported on the pleasure of finding a self-build house in Lightwater, built to the Walter Segal Method – see my report, House at Hookmill Nursery.

It was kind of the owners – the Godfrey’s – to show us their home, and explain the method of it’s build. I’ve retained an interest in this method of house building, and so when an opportunity, through Open City, to visit a group of Walter Segal Method houses in London, I jumped at the chance. It was an evening visit this week.

Rather than me describing the houses, and their building method, you’ll find a range of links below. The houses are in Walter’s Way in Honor Oak Park, London. I love that street naming, trite maybe, but fun. The links are to one home owner’s published story, and another from an owner looking to document the many Segal design houses.  My photo’s of the houses reflects that it was an evening visit [Click on images to expand]. You’ll find many more photos from the links in Ian White’s website.

The owners described the advantages are its flexibility, the house changes around you, low utility costs, and low cost of building. In the houses we saw you’ll need to like open plan living and the limited storage space.

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